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Brand & Storytelling 

From a standardized set of uniforms to that really heartwarming story you heard behind the opening of the new cafe in town. Every mainstream business has a brand story that helps them connect with their audience. If they can do it, so can you!


Do you want to ignite growth into your brand? Actually don’t answer that question cause guess what? We already know the answer!


Cynfas as a designing agency does exactly what you need to scale your business. With brand design, brand guidelines, tone and many more things to offer, we come up with branding solutions & strategies for your business.

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A brand is anything and everything *you* want it to be.

Brand Story



How we tell people you exist

Brand Strategy

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Did you know that all cricket teams have a strategy laid out before they even enter the field? And the simple reason behind this is that it gives them a significant edge during the game! This idea is valid for your brand as well.

Brand strategy is no witchcraft- well at least here at Cynfas! 

As one of the leading brand strategists in the industry, we can help you by finding your brand voice, visual identity, character and brand architecture using not only yours but your target audience’s insights as well.
(Psst, it’s still not magic.)

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Visual Design



Visual Design Checklist 

Logo Design

Package Design

Brand Tool Kits

Brand Videos


While you’re on a road trip and you see a big letter “M” in a bright red and yellow font you know that, that’s a McDonalds! 

The unique visual characteristic of your business is what sets it apart from other businesses. Every small detail, from logo to packaging plays a huge role in this! And if you’re wondering where to get started, we have great news for you!

We at Cynfas, as a design agency, offer just what you need! Everything is Strategically designed for you with premiere art direction keeping in mind your brand guidelines!



And much more curated

just for you!


Have you ever just scrolled through Instagram and seen those memes with hundreds of thousands of likes? 
The engagements on these posts are crazy to say the least! But here's what you probably didn’t notice- the planning and strategizing behind these.


We know for a fact that to grow on social media or any other platform for that matter and make your presence evident is not easy but that’s what we’re here for!

At Cynfas, great content is what our team is all about! 

Who knows, the next time your friend shares a meme on your chat room, it might as well be from your account*winks*

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Also Social Media
& Blogs

Brand Audit 

Let’s say you are invited to 2 different birthday parties. One party is for an old friend of yours while the other is for a new colleague at your workplace. Now while buying gifts for both these people, you will definitely be able to find the right gift for your old friend but you won’t be quite sure about the gift for your new colleague. 


Why is that? Bingo! It’s because you don’t know the person well!


Similarly when it comes to your company, knowing your target audience and understanding different analytics will help you deliver exactly what they need!


We will set new and improved benchmarks backed by data. Our team will work on an in-depth brand tracking to come up with content strategies to make sure you reach your target audience with ease!

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This is only the beginning


Audit your brand


Competitor analysis

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Analyse media presence

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let us curate the best version of you

to get you out there! 

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does your brand connect with customers?

hey hey, chill, this would be a fun call 

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