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Performance Marketing


Before we make your phone ring, At Cynfas, our mission is to change how you think about startup marketing. With campaigns to maximize conversion and accelerate customer acquisition, we believe in driving sales and growth hacking.


It doesn’t matter if you are a B2C or B2B, our performance marketing strategies are tailored to each individual business. Get your sales revved up through performance marketing. Racing spirit with absolute perfection.

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Focused to propel immediate lead generation


From LinkedIn Ads to Google Ads, we advertise the best for you


100% increase in lead flow


The best performance marketing agency to adapt to your unique brand. 


StartUp Focus


Doesn’t it get hard to build demand generation, especially when you are a startup? But with Cynfas as your startup marketing agency, the process is not all that hard!

  1.  Well, you won’t have to worry about that with us as your startup marketing agency!

  2.  Inducing the idea of performance marketing, we strategize unique marketing for your startup!

  3.  We blend together the key ideas of performance marketing with unique strategies to ensure marketing for startups is as efficient as ever!

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  • Unlocking maximum ROI mediums 

  • Analyzing the data and building persona 

  • Content that wins

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  • Capitalizing the media spends on highest ROI mediums

  • Ensure that Online handles provoke curiosity

  • Sales 



More conversions, double the revenue - Pricing Structure Like No Other


Convenient and hassle-free management


Pay us when you get leads through us!


An ultimate leads pumping machine

Today’s consumer makes a “search & decision” in about 22 seconds.


That means your company has to be right out in the front when they search for your product or service!

the traditional billboard ads with famous personalities have taken a new face - influencer marketing.
SEM agency in tamilnadu

In this race to win customers, does your brand perform well in the digital space

Let’s begin. Inspect your company’s visibility NOW

Sitting on your bed, scrolling through your phone, you are shopping from a company based thousands of miles away from you. How do you even know about this company?

Bingo! It’s because the company has a digital presence!

Cynfas can help you be like that company with an explosive digital presence!

With a team of dedicated, skilled and high-energy creatives we work diligently to ensure your business and values are heard by the right people. You can relax with us as we pool in outstanding results! Have any doubt if we are right for you? Contact us now!

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