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Social media marketing killer examples in India

Social media marketing killer examples in India

Before getting to social media marketing killer examples in India, Let's understand why people go to Instagram - Aesthetic pictures? Funny cat videos? Know more about what's fresh in people’s lives? To stalk? 👀

Yes, all these are a few things people scroll through their Instagram feed for.

Now to the next question, have you ever found something interesting on Instagram and then you went to their profile(but not your crush😍). Where you loved their feed and products. A few minutes later you are on their website adding things to the cart.

So, we can say that Instagram is not only a place for informal pictures and videos but also a space for companies and brands to flourish. These brands are constantly influencing your buying decision with subtle marketing through social media. Also, know which social media platform has your target audience.

But does social media attract customers for your business?

The answer to that is absolute YES.

Here are five brands that absolutely ruled social media marketing with killer examples from India


GoPro was founded by Nickwoodman because he could capture pictures of his adventures in Australia in the way that he wanted. He realized that something was missing in the world of cameras. Then decided to start something that captured the essence of every adventure in spirit and at the same time was affordable.

GoPro undoubtedly captures the beauty of the adventurous life in nature with their camera. But where do people flex their adventurous living? 🤔

Ah it's Instagram again

So the place where they could reach a large number of people with their product was Instagram.

Gopro marketing strategy Instagram

They grew on Instagram with their ability to connect with people and by keeping them engaged. They made others aware of their quality products, not by constantly talking about it but by using the images that users of their products posted.

I personally love adventures and the adrenaline rush it gives 🏊‍♂️🚵. When I was sliding through the Instagram windows, a few pumping pictures caught my attention and I saw they had tagged GoPro everywhere.

The funny part is, I have never used or even seen an actual GoPro. But 2 weeks later I was a brand advocate and convincing my friend to buy one because it's super cool. 😛 We see it, we like it, we believe and we start endorsing it. Even though we would not have actually used it.

Your business needs, not only to be seen but also should build this buzz. All

in an authentic way.

User Generated Contents 🔥

Almost all of their content is pictures of adventure enthusiasts spending time in beautiful locations and sharing the moment they captured with their GoPro. They did not constantly hire people to share photos of adventures but made the users feel welcomed and seen by using their images. This builds the sense of belonging as well as makes one feel like they are seen.

Gopro social media marketing 2022

It is one of the best ways to reach a larger audience on Instagram who then would help in the growth of their company. GoPro, even with more than 18.5 has not stopped their engagement with people. This is only drawing more people to their community.


fitness apparel social media marketing

Ben Francis made the best version of the Gymshark website when he was only 19.

As a University student in 2012 along with his school friends in his mother’s garage. Being from this generation, they knew exactly how to utilize social media platforms.

It would not be wrong to say that Gymshark has used Instagram in every way possible to reach its audience. The use of #Gymshark66 got popularized after they introduced their 66-week challenge.

This allowed people to take part in something collectively which helped in the growth of their reach while people also engaged through this challenge.

Gymshark social media marketing

Apparently, 100s of posts get tagged every day with their hashtag #gymshark. More that happens, the better reach it gets. And more the reach, better the engagement.

Gym  influencer marketing

Another way through which they familiarized themselves with people was by having celebrities as models for their products. This also appealed to the fans to associate them with the brand. They have had famous influencers in the field of fitness as their brand ambassador and that build trust between people and the brand. 🤳


One of the most followed accounts on Instagram is Starbucks. Though Starbucks began in the 1980s, a little before the era of the internet, they have changed and upgraded with the changing times.

With over 17 million followers, they are much ahead of other coffee companies and cafes and that really makes us wonder what made them different from the others.

They have made a difference and have done things differently which makes them known worldwide. Making their content remain engaging with a high number of reach.

Here is what they do.

Starbucks is not just about coffee anymore. They talk about the changes that are social and environmental. They have built this excellent community through coffee. As mentioned above, they remain up to date and make sure to incorporate the latest trends or issues in their posts. Their ability to empathize with people shows in their engagement. Another way through which they remain in contact with the people is by responding to most of the early commenters every time they post. That makes people feel seen and at the same time helps with the Instagram algorithm.

Cafe marketing campaign

The use of specific campaigns with hashtags has also played a role in increasing engagement. In 2017, they had introduced a limited edition of Unicorn Frappuccino by using the hashtag #unicornfrappucino which reached more than 150K times.

Starbucks social media marketing

Another campaign by them was the 2016 ‘Red Cup Design Challenge’ where they asked people to design their cup and 13 winners were chosen. The designs by the winners were launched in stores for the duration of the festive season. This gave people the incentives to be a part of the challenge and helped Starbucks grow.


Chumbak marketing campaigns

Be it apparel, home products, or accessories, Chumbak has left its mark in India. 🙋‍♂️

Being founded in 2010, Chumbak has been super active on social media platforms. The founders had decided to turn their hobby into a lifestyle brand with Indian souvenirs which also started incorporating interior designing decor and clothing.

They have utilized Instagram for their growth and did what they believed the people needed.

They decided to use Indian designs and patterns with an international touch creating a fusion that grabbed the attention of people.

Indian social media marketing

Chumbak capitalizes on influencers and celebrities to promote their brand through Instagram handles which have helped them reach more people. The aesthetically pleasing pictures along with the presence of well-known people do help them get noticed and then followed.

Digital marketing and content marketing has only made this brand grow into what it is today.

Chumbak also uses hashtags like #chumbak and #shopchumbak as well as have posts that redirect people to their official website and these helped them grow and reach people.


Zomato marketing campaign

Zomato has one of the most interesting profiles on Instagram with its consistent relatable top humorous photos, videos, and stories. Zomato was founded back in 2008 in the name of Foodiebay first which later was changed. Even though it was Goregaon-based, Zomato started growing and reaching other countries as well.

Zomato content marketing

They post photos, videos, reels, and stories about trendy topics as well as current affairs and connect them with food. Vaccine drive? They'll have a new post.

New iPhone launch? They'll have a meme.

They capitalize huge on current affairs, trends, and memes to get massive organic reach on social media. Backed by a fun ORM team of Zomato contributes towards its virality. The kind of content they publish are super shareable.

But how do they maintain this "he is a funny guy" tone

zomato ORM

They keep their audience engaged by replying to early comments. This not only boosts their post but also makes people feel heard. They respond to people in the comment section making the people feel like they are talking to someone they know or someone like a friend. This is Zomato's vibe and they are absolutely killing it.


It can be said that these companies have used Instagram to its fullest for their own benefit. The use of content marketing, hashtags and interaction with their audience has been one of the recurring strategies used by most well-known brands on Instagram.

There are other proven strategies that work for brands. And it would not be wrong to say that each brand has to find out what works for them and how they can be different from the others.

Some similarities have been noticed among all companies and at the same time they have had their unique ways of growing on Instagram with the same end goal.

In case you need help in kickstarting your social media presence, Check out this to launch your social media marketing for your brand from scratch. This would help you to plan goals to reach people and increase engagement organically.

ta-ta 👋

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