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Instagram Reels strategies for Business - Cynfas

Welcome back Reels Master! If you are confused about what I am talking about, you should read our first blog here

Now that you have a good idea about Instagram and reels in general let’s look at how to make most of these features more personalized. Now let's get to Instagram Reels strategies for Business by Cynfas

Niche for trends:

Niche marketing trends

We already know the importance of trends. But not all trends work for everyone. For example, you as a brand that sells pet supplies will not be dancing to “WAP”, but if you were let’s say a brand that sells activewear or leggings you could use the same challenge to show the quality/ flexibility/ comfort of the pants using captions on the video. 🤐

While some trends can tell you directly that it is a good resource for your business, you might have to sniff around the other trends and see if you can come with a idea to incorporate your brand into the challenge.


Best Duration for reels

Reels are short videos. If it isn’t clear already, reels are supposed to be “short”! On Instagram you can make a video for as long as 60 seconds to upload it as a reel.⌛

But just because you can doesn't mean you should! Finding the right length that works for your account is important. Keep you videos short and crisp.😴

The ideal length for a reel is between 15 to 25 seconds.

Finding the best time to post reels using insights

Best time to post reels

If you’ve been on Instagram as a business account, you probably have already come across the insights tool that tells you a lot about your page, such as interactions and times that people are most active on your page.

Impressive what technology can do right? I know!

Using this very tool you can find out what days and times work the best for you to post your content to ensure that you get the maximum engagement! Ahhh, sounds wonderful! 🎯


Why to make original content

Following closely with what I said about copyrights in a previous blog (you can read that right here in case you missed it), originality takes you longggggggggggg way!

Now, copying a reel idea you saw somewhere (unless a trend) is not cool. NO.



Okay, I guess you get the point.

Not only do new content ideas enhance your chances of reach but also ensure a safe ticket from copyrights! It is an absolute WIN-WIN situation!

Just with these few tips and tricks, you are now promoted from a “Reels Master” to a “Reels Prodigy” Keep the consistency up and drop a message if you are up for a reels collab' with us 👉👈

Until next time, toodless!!


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