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How to advertise my small business online?

How to advertise my small business online

Have you heard that a man in an Indian city started a business selling ethnic bedsheets? If the answer is no, it is because he never promoted it. 🙊 Similarly, a person sitting in the comfort of their homes would not stumble upon your business and hype you up if they do not know what your business is. The best way for you to make that random person find your business online is by promoting your business.

Promoting your business online is not that easy but the steps you need to follow are simple. What you can keep in mind is that it would take some time before you see the results. Here, patience would be the key.

Let's get started! 🔥

How to Advertise my small business online

1. Use Social Media Effectively

Social media for promoting business

With millions of people relying on social media mostly for the latest news, new products, controversies, new information, you can make every social media platform work in your favor.

Promote your business and we as individuals will get to know about the new businesses that you have started. However, you will have to put some effort into this. Here is a complete Instagram checklist to kickstart your presence in 2022

Despite going through social media mindlessly, there are some videos or posts that catch our attention. Oftentimes, we do get to know about products or services through social media. There are people out there, who are potentially interested in trying your product/service but they don't know you exist. But with social media, you can build your presence by.

  • Post photos or videos frequently that explains what your business is about and what you provide for.

  • Respond to comments and direct messages as quickly as possible for your possible clients or customers to know that your business is trustworthy.

  • Promote your business with the help of paid ads.

  • Connect with people who are also in the same field and build a strong network of people on your list.

  • You can use relevant hashtags which work like keywords on social media.

  • Businesses take the help of other influencers who have a wider reach. If you can collaborate with other businesses or have famous influencers talk about your business, their audience would have people who might need something that you provide.

There are wide options in social media to go with from typical Instagram to Quora. You have to understand which platform attracts the majority of your target audience, Read more here.

2. Have a Business Website

Have a business website

The best way to be found on the internet with Google searches is with a website. Have a business website of your own. Now, having a website has become extremely easy and does not require coding skills as such. With the help of Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, anyone can have a live website of their own.

The work does not end once you have made the website. You have to add valuable content to it. If you are selling a product, it is important that you style your website in a way that people can purchase the product. Have a page on your website which explains how your business came into being and what services you provide for the people. This is because it will help the viewers to know exactly what to expect from your business.

It also becomes important that you have used proper keywords while adding your content. Only then Google will show your website when people search for something under your niche.

Do not forget to submit your website to Google Search Console. This helps Google to know that you exist and help you rank when searched for. You can also use paid Google Ads which help in ranking on Google as that can help in promoting your business. 🚀

Once your website is ready, you can share the link on your social media platforms and that would help people reach your website directly by clicking on it.

3. Business Blog

why you need a blog ?

You can add blogs to your website as they can boost your traffic with keywords and useful information for people. In the blogs, try to solve problems that people have as much as possible. Explain the importance of the services provided by your website and how these can help someone else.

You can add keywords in the headings as well as the subheadings which will help in ranking on Google and that in turn will promote your business online. However, it is highly important that your content contains keywords.

More than that, make sure your content is of super high quality. 🌼

4. Use Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing template India

Usually, on websites, people receive a pop-up whether if they would want to receive newsletters or emails from the website. This is what you can have for your website as well. Once someone subscribes to your website, you would be able to send them emails regarding the same.

You can then send them emails that contain information about your services or details of products or anything that might be useful for them. This way, you create a community on an online platform and this helps you grow your business.

The benefits of email marketing are that you can connect to your potential customers on a personal level as you are interacting through emails. They can ask you questions directly interact with your business in case of inquiries and that helps in developing a relationship.

Keep your emails short, to the point, and connect with the individual. You are good to go.

These steps will take time. Nothing happens overnight. However, if these steps are followed to promote your business, you will go a far way as people will notice you and your business.

ta-ta 👋


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