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Instagram reels ideas for business 2022 - Cynfas

Instagram reels for business

After the sudden ban of “TikTok” in India and the strategic launch of Instagram reels in 2020, the app has seen an increased number of users. With more than 1 billion active daily users engaging through this popular app, Instagram reels are the perfect place to start building your presence! Before getting to the Instagram reel ideas for business 2022, you have to first understand 👇

Reach, Reach, and more Reach! 📢 The instantaneous benefit of Reels is brand awareness. It will boost your content to be seen on the Explore page and on the inexhaustible feed of Reels. When your content can be seen on the Explore and Reels page, you reach people you would otherwise not have your brand in front of.

Now, you may be wondering what kind of videos or reel ideas for business you should post?

With really cringe thirst traps to cooking videos, there’s a whole new world on this side of Instagram. And I can understand that this can leave you dumbfounded. And that’s why I am here to help! So grab a notepad, a cup of coffee, settle down nice and cozy cause you my friend are going to be a “Reels Master” by the end of this read!

Let’s get started!

Instagram Trends

From “Jalebi Baby” to “Love Nwantiti'' (p.s. Love both these songs!) music has got its way to trend on social media very perfectly! Keeping tabs on these trending songs and uploading videos on them increase your chances of being “seen” on other people’s feeds!

how to find Instagram trending reels

It is also equally important to look out for challenges such as the ice bucket challenge from 2014 or the “Savage love” dance challenge from 2020 are a few examples of extremely popular challenges all across the globe!

Did you know that former president of the USA, Barak Obama also did the “Ice Bucket Challenge”? Cool Right?

Copyrights or Create your original content!

Before posting *anything* on social media, you want to make sure it’s not infringing someone’s copyrights. This can also be a validity check to keep your content original.

If you are wondering what EXACTLY copyright is, here’s a 1-minute crash course.

According to Instagram’s help center, “copyrights are legal rights that protect original works of authorship”.

`Your account can get copyright strikes and be disabled if you continue to post content without making sure it’s fair use of the work. From downloaded music and paid content anything that is not your original content can get copyright strikes. This brings me to my next point:

copyright strikes instagram

How do you prevent copyright? - Before posting any content ask yourself:

  • Did I create all the content by myself?

  • Do I have permission to use all the content included in the reel

  • Is all the content I’m sourcing protected by copyright?

Remember, it never hurts to be safe!

And when you are aware of this, we make sure the content produced is unique and different, attracting its own set of audience.

Dos & Don’ts

Here is a little summarized table that you can use to check before posting reels!

Instagram reels do and donts

Instagram reels ideas for business 2022

Ideas to get started!

While it may take you a little time to settle in and find your niche, here are few ideas that should help you kickstart!

Instagram reels ideas 2022

While all of this information may seem overwhelming, you can now check being a reels master off from your bucket list!

Hope these Instagram reels ideas for business 2022 helped you, Why not let's collaborate on a reel ?! Drop a message here!


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