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How To Gain More Views on Instagram Reels and Shorts - Cynfas

How To Gain More Views on Instagram Reels and Shorts - Cynfas

But first why Instagram reels or youtube shorts?

Simple, How long do you look at a video while scrolling through social media? What kinds of videos do you stop for? It definitely varies from person to person based on their interests.

If you are interested in types of clothing, would you watch a 20 minutes video showing five different attires or a ten-second video doing the same?

If you prefer a ten-second video, then you have already answered if Instagram reels and youtube stories are the next big thing.

There is a reason why every user on Instagram and Youtube gets different types of content shown to them. This is because, whenever a user watches a certain style of content, the data on their interests get saved in the backend, and these platforms connect with the interests of the user. So based on the user's interests, the new contents are shown to its audience. With time these AI-driven codes get better and better. 😈

Stay tuned and learn How To Gain More Views on Instagram Reels and Shorts

Let us first begin by talking about Instagram reels.

Instagram reels are for users who love short few-second videos that are meant to reach people outside your list of followers. People can end up watching hundreds of reels just in an hour.

Reels are interesting, short, and retain the attention of people as they end before one gets the chance to wait and think about them.

⚠️Warning Some reels are of high cringe⚠️

Instagram like any other business wants its users to use only their platform. Hence the advanced AI helps Instagram sort reels with the content based on interests to test them on a smaller audience. If the smaller audience engages well, the algorithm boosts the reach to similar interest audience groups

How to market yourself or your business with Instagram reels?

If your services/products are of someone’s interest, it will show on their feed. However, especially in the beginning, it might require certain tricks that would help in the process of getting more reach.

People will swipe against you if you talk about your product alone, that's where content marketing comes in. You will have to find ways to communicate with your audience without actually selling your product. Read more on getting started with Instagram for business in 2022 here

Things to keep in mind before posting Instagram reels to get amazing results

Using trending background tracks

Every week there would be a new trending song or background score. It is all about going along with the trend. Once something goes viral on Instagram with a high number of likes, views, and engagement because of the background score, there is a high chance of other videos with the same score would reach more people. This happens because the algorithm adds more of the same trendy tracks to the feed of the people as more people want to see videos with them. Keep an eye on the trending icon on the reel to understand the latest trends🎵🎵

And how does this help you market your products?

Every trend has something that is attractive about them. For example, if a background track has gotten famous and people dance on it and people associate those dance moves with the background track, it is still not necessary that you do the same. What you can do is, use the background track and add something about your business. It can include what your services are, what your goals are, what your business is all about as well as what people can expect from your business. Or it can be something which your audience can relate better 😏

An artist had used one of the trending songs to promote their artwork and has received more than 3 Million Views. This is an example of how businesses or brands can personalize the background tracks for their benefit. Here are Social media marketing killer examples in India that let you understand the trends brands use.

Posting reels consistently

It is a known fact that people watch reels more than lengthy videos even though the latter might have more detailed content. Making your reels have a higher chance of getting more views.

However, another technique that can be used to market yourself or your brand is by posting reels regularly even if it does not always consist of trendy background tracks. This allows Instagram to study your content and share it with more people. This is because, like any other social media platform, Instagram wants its users to spend more time on their platform. By posting more likable content consistently, Instagram considers your content to be of priority and expands your reach of the content.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you post multiple reels, it should consist of what you and your business do and not about things that are completely out of point. It is better if your content focuses on engaging the viewers as that too helps with the algorithm.

Every blogger or digital marketing specialist have already told you the importance of finding your niche and crafting content towards it.

Have Interesting cover

At the end of the day it is the content and what you put out that would grab the attention of the people. One of the best ways to make people click on your reel is to have an attractive cover that gives the audience an idea of what the reel is going to be about.

Please avoid clickbait covers for your reels. This is important because, if people click on your content because of a clickbait cover and end up not watching the whole thing just when they realize the actual content is not what they expected, the Instagram algorithm would automatically not pick your content to be shown to other people. This is because they would notice how often people click off from your reel even before it ends. If the cover is to the point and is attractive then people click on it to watch your reels.

How to market yourself or your business with Youtube Shorts?

Youtube has been the go-to place for most of us whenever we are bored or want to learn about something. Here, we not only find things that are entertaining but also highly informational. Multiple people use it to know about things they do not know about, listen to music, get the daily news, know about their favorite celebrity, watch videos of cats and many more. 😻 🐶🐵

Youtube can have as short as 10 seconds videos to 10 hour-long videos. However, Youtube recently introduced Youtube Shorts which is for short videos which are one minute or less. Shorts have the ability to reach more views in a short span of time

Here are some ways through which you can reach more people through youtube shorts

Use hashtags

It is important to use hashtags #shorts because that would update youtube that your video is specifically made for youtube shorts. Also, add what your channel is all about. If you are into bitcoins, add #bitcoin to your youtube shorts. This helps you reach the audience who are interested in this content. Add a few tags that you think would be relevant to get that extra reach.

As you can see, all these youtube shorts have #shorts in their description and a high number of likes suggesting they have a higher number of views.

Add a description with proper keywords

Add a detailed description regarding your video and what it consists of. Also, add relevant keywords because only then people will be able to find your content when searched for.

This would help you and your business to get that reach. Since every person has a different set of interests, the keywords would let people find your content. For example, if your business is about sports shoes, add #sportshoes #sports #shoes, etc to your description. If people search for these keywords, your content would show up.

Changing the settings

While uploading your shorts, it is important that you filter your settings according to what you need. For example, while adding your country, choose any instead of your country and that would be helpful for you as viewers would not just be from one place. The other way to set your videos is to place them under ‘featured’ videos. In this, youtube would show your youtube shorts to people who they think would be of interest to the viewers instead of being based on what different viewers search for.

Have a short and interesting video

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the content that is being put out. Though youtube shorts are for 60 seconds, it is recommended that they should be only 15 seconds to retain the attention of the people. The video that is being made should be edited in a way that it makes the viewers stay and watch it in full. And this would be helpful to you to let people know exactly what your business is all about in just a few seconds with a strong impact.

Getting a higher reach and engagement would definitely help you market yourself or your business. However, there are algorithms that need to be kept in mind and only then we can make them work for us instead of against us.

There are thousands of people whose reels and shorts get above millions of views and therefore we know it is possible. With the right tricks and methods, all of us can enjoy the results. We wish you the very best to gain more views on Instagram Reels and Shorts.

👋 Cyaaa


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